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Looking for a quick makeover for your home?

Fabulous spaces at great prices, HBS Interior Linings are committed to remodelling properties that connect with you. And our house painting service is one of the significant ways of renovation. It is affordable; it is fast and brings a complete change in the property.

At HBS Interior Linings, we strive to change properties exactly the way you want. We listen to your specific needs, suggest the improvements that can be made and give your vision a reality. And all of this is possible because of our creative and talented house painters in Hamilton, Auckland or others working NZ-wide for property makeover.

When we talk about interior painting, a lot of factors come into play. First is the design. Does the existing design match with the overall interior tone? Do you want an abstract pattern or a traditional paint style? Next is the choice of colours. What colour suits the king-size bedroom? Should I go with ivory white for the living area? House painters in Hamilton from HBS Interior Linings answer all these questions.

Having handled a wide variety of projects, we can provide you with the most unique ideas for your home — whether it is a fresh paint or a renovation. All our master painters are dedicated to providing you results that are aesthetically pleasing and will stand the test of time.

We utilize our experience and in-depth painting knowledge to bring the best style for your beloved home where you can relax and wander in the mystical colours of the walls. We are comfortable working in all kinds of spaces and know how to handle challenges effectively. So regardless of the size and complexity of your project, you can rely on us.

However, we don’t expect you to believe in us without seeing our work. So get in touch with our team to see our illustrious record of painting projects accomplished throughout Auckland. These will help you understand the kind of work we do and the supremacy of craftsmanship we offer.

Interior & Exterior House Painters Hamilton

Painting a space instantly elevates its entire vibe. It not only gives a room a new personality, but also protects your walls from the usual wear and tear. At the same time, it is necessary to find a house painter that can successfully deliver the kind of look you wish to create with the paint job.

With a long standing reputation that spans over more than a decade, HBS Interior Linings is hands down the most reliable painting service providers present in Hamilton and West Auckland. In addition to our wealth of experience, our dedication to customer satisfaction contributes majorly to our success.

HBS Interior Linings is highly appreciated for their exemplary work by thousands of families who have experienced our services. We are fast, prompt and friendly. From the designing to decoration to project delivery, interior and exterior house painters in Hamilton from HBS excel at every job.

And the reason is our years of experience and top-notch skills. We think out of the box and bring creative ideas for your beautiful home that makes it distinct from other properties in the neighbourhood. While focusing on the beauty and decoration, we keep in mind the durability and stability of the property.

So, we use the paints that absorb seamlessly, resist dirt and pollution, strengthen walls and maintain the shine. With us, you get the promise of spectacular, shining homes that speak of your personality. So, what are you waiting for? Personalize your world today. Call us now and get your free quote.

Commercial Painters Hamilton

Unlike a residential paint job, commercial painting is highly complex and requires the right kind of experience. Working with an amateur painter can lead to substandard results, and in worst cases ruin the overall ambience of the commercial space. Which is why it is crucial to find an expert for commercial painting projects.

At HBS Interior Linings, our team is composed of the most skilful painters who are masters in what they do. Renowned throughout the industry for their outstanding level of work precision, they can bring any space to life with their workmanship. And they ensure their work doesn’t create any hassle in your everyday work operations.

With our spotless record, we promise to tailor our services to fulfill your expectations regarding your commercial space. We are able to achieve this by ensuring our master painters understand and adhere to the standard quality protocols.

Whether it is a small office space or an extensive building, our master painters have a well-established reputation and their techniques are time-tested to offer a seamless finish.  This allows us to guarantee customer satisfaction and deliver stellar commercial spaces.

Affordable Painters Hamilton

Whatever your reason for painting your space, we have got you covered. We know finding a dependable painter within your budget is a daunting task, but we make it easy for you. Committed to excellence, our services are targeted to ensure all your time and budget requirements are met.

At HBS Interior Linings, we do not believe house and commercial painting have to cost a fortune. In fact, our painters ensure you get the best bang for your buck by preparing the walls before starting the painting project. In other words, working with us is equal parts sensible and economical.

House washing is essential before painting to get rid of all the dirt and worn-out coatings of existing paint. It also ensures that the paint adheres to the walls well and lasts longer. This preparation is the key element to achieve a high quality finish.

We take great pride in being meticulous about every home and commercial space we work on, and it shows in the end results. Our experienced painters are well trained and equipped with the best of materials to provide premium painting services within your budget.

Our work ensures your house looks better and survives all kinds of weather conditions. Whether your project is small or extensive, reach out to us today and our experts will help you understand how we can provide the most cost-effective solutions for your painting project.


The amount charged for a wall is different for every painter. It majorly depends on the expertise of the painter. A painter with more experience in the industry and a proven track record will charge significantly higher because they can guarantee good results. On an average, most painters charge anywhere between $250 to $500 as a minimum project cost.

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