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Plasterboard Stopping

Here’s the thing most people are unaware of – every aspect of plastering in general is extremely tricky to get right and one requires an exceptional amount of expertise in order to ensure that every single task is done to full completion. There can be no two ways about that fact, whatsoever. A tiny slip can result in a huge mistake. Which is exactly where we at HBS Interior Linings come in to put all your doubts and fears to rest.

GIB Stopping Supplies Auckland

Being one of the most renowned services out there, you can be sure that we have an array of unique services to offer, unlike a lot of our peers in the market. Be it gib stopping in Auckland or any other related services, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we have it all. Plus our team members will take great pains to ensure that all your needs are met in a friendly and professional manner. Here are some of the main services that we have to offer:-

  • Patching and skimming
  • Square stop details
  • Villaboard services
  • Arch bead details as well as negative, slimline and expansion joints.

All of your supplies
at one shop

No longer will you need to run around helter skelter to get your hands on all kinds of supplies. Now that we are here, you have got a permanent go-to one-stop shop for taking care of all your needs in general. We have everything that you desire, be it plasterboard linings supply and installation to a variety of steel studs and false ceilings to even metal ceiling battens.

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