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Plaster Board Fixing

Plasterboard fixing requires a lot of skill and fine workmanship to deliver exceptional quality results. When fixed correctly, it can lead to stunning results and can elevate the entire look of the room. But how do you ensure it gets done the right way the very first time?

Since we at HBS Interior Linings have impeccable standards with regard to professionalism and experience, our team of experts will make sure of the fact that you will get the best plasterboard fixing job in the market out there.

A poor plasterboard fixing job is highly dangerous as it can physically harm the occupants of the room in case of any damages. Which is why it is crucial to work with experts like the team at HBS for such a specialist task. At the same time, we ensure you get a value-for-money deal.

Since the twin aspects of efficiency and high quality reflect in our work at every angle, you can be sure of the fact that we offer the best competitive market rates for a large variety of projects out there. Despite the most affordable pricing, we do not compromise on the level of work being delivered.

So wait no more, get in touch with us today to get a professional and hassle-free plasterboard fixing job done.

GIB Fixers Auckland

When it comes down to finding a service for some of the more detailed and intricate inner household chores and services, things can become a straight up nightmare for those who have no idea where to even start. Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, that is for sure.

Working with unskilled fixers can turn out to be a waste of time and efforts, not to mention the amount you will have to spend to get it redone. HBS Interior Linings has a team of some of the most accomplished and skilled artisans who have the required expertise to provide you top-notch results even in the most minor tasks.

With our service, not only will you have full access to some of the most top-of-the-line gib fixers in Auckland who specialise in the best gib fixing in Auckland, but they even produce fire rating and plasterboard bracing services.

GIB Installers Auckland

Need a GIB expert? We are here for you.

At HBS Interior Linings, our team includes experienced GIB installers who are proficient in providing a premium finish. Whether it is a plasterboard fixing job for your new home right from scratch or just a minor repair, we guarantee a fuss-free experience.

When GIB installers stick to the quality standards, they can ensure a flawless finish and durable results. This is only possible if you have the expertise to understand what kind of installation will work for a given room. But finding someone with that level of expertise in Auckland is not an easy task.

Since it is quite hard to find trusted services that know what they are doing when it comes to GIB installation, just get in touch with us today. For the most well-trained gib installers in Auckland, all it takes is a single call from your side and we will arrange everything for you at the very earliest.


The best plasterboard fixing is the one that is the strongest and compatible with all kinds of materials. There are a variety of plasterboard fixings available in the market. Depending on the way of application, the results can turn out to be extremely good or poor.

Fixing a plasterboard becomes easy with the help of right tools and equipment. The first step is to measure the walls in order to mark the plasterboard and cut it, if required. Start adjusting the plasterboard to position it against the wall and screw it in place. Make sure to secure the edges well for a smooth finish.

The term used for the installation of GIB and plasterboard on a ceiling or wall is called GIB fixing. A GIB fixer is a professional who is hired for this installation. In addition to this, they can fix up any damages, dents or holes in your ceilings and walls to give it a smooth finish.

To screw into the GIB, you need to drill a hole of the exact size into the plasterboard. Then use a universal plug and push it into the GIB to carefully insert it. Tighten the screw for ensuring it is properly fixed. Although this process is very easy, doing it yourself can cause damages to the GIB and the plasterboard. It is best to work with a professional GIB fixer to achieve clear results.

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