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Rondo Ceiling Battens In Auckland

Battens are widely utilized in a variety of places, including ceilings. The following list of five factors will help you decide whether or not you need Rondo ceiling battens in Auckland:

  • Stops the plasterboard that is directly attached to the timber from collapsing.
  • permits the ceilings to be visible even if the timber is not
  • much less vulnerable to timber diminution,
  • minimizes the effect of noise on upper floors,
  • and reduces the need for active maintenance, which reduces costs and saves time.

Whether it be to fill spaces between the roof structure and joists or use battens as a structural and aesthetic component, we at HBS Interior Lining offer the best Rondo Ceiling Battens in Auckland. Get in touch with us right away for the best ceiling battens.

Ceiling Batten Installation Process

Ceiling battens are primarily used as a structural component that adds to the aesthetics and fills the blanks between the roof spaces and joists. Correct installation is important to ensure its sturdiness which requires the skills, knowledge and years of experience that we at HSB Interior Linings offer.

The installation process can mainly be divided into three categories:

Direct Fix

The battens are fixed directly to the truss chord. If there is a variation in the truss height, we use batten hangers to provide better support.

Channel & Clips

This method is used where the ceiling framing levels are uneven. Based on the different building structures and requirements, the battens are fixed with the help of clips and channels. Primarily, this method is used in buildings where the floor above is expected to have higher noise levels by using noise control clips.

Strongback Systems

Such an installation process facilitates the accommodation for installing ducts and vents by creating larger voids. This installation process is also practical when the substrate is unsuitable for fixing the battens.

At HSB Interior Linings, we provide the best-fitting battens by cutting them to the length specific to every room. We ensure that there is no waste of the building material so that you get the best value for your money. Our services are prompt and reliable.

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Ceiling Battens Auckland

Being one of the few niche household services out there, this service in particular is on the priority list of most homeowners who strive to achieve and go for a perfect and sublime wall finish or flush ceiling. It is the best way for increasing the durability of the plasterboard and preventing any cracks.

Being one of the most versatile bracketing systems out there, the true mark of a professional service is having a wide range of rondo battens. In this regard, we at HBS Interior Linings are truly one of the most sought-after services in the market out there. We are dedicated to providing you with better looking ceilings that will stand the test of time.

With our list of services, one can opt for various spacing options that will fit with relative ease as well as kick up the classy quotient in your home by a couple of notches. Apart from elevating the aesthetic appeal of the room, ceiling battens also helps in soundproofing your home, which is especially helpful during tough weather conditions.

Benefits of Using Ceiling Battens

The aim of using ceiling battens is to provide an aesthetically pleasing ceiling and structural support. At HBS Interior Linings, we provide lightweight battens that aid in superior plasterboard installation. Based on the material of the batten type, these can be used to reap multiple benefits. Some of them are:

    Start by marking the ceiling height on the wall and install the wall track around the perimeter. Next step is to secure the hanger brackets in a grid pattern. Using clips, the suspension rods need to be attached to the hanger brackets. Once the Rondo ceilings battens are clipped they need to be joined to each other for extra stability. It's now ready to have the plasterboard installed. Since this is a very technical process, it is best to work with experts.

    Timber ceiling battens are installed to provide uniformity to the roof and give more durability to the structure. They are typically of the size 38X25mm for 450mm joist spans. For a thicker visual appearance, you can opt for larger widths.

    It is recommended to install the ceiling battens anywhere between 25cm and 45cm apart based on the size of the ceiling. When you fix the ceiling battens, they need to be as close to 40cm apart to ensure the end of a plasterboard falls right in the midst of a batten. This makes it easy for the next plasterboard to share the same batten.

    Battening a ceiling and attaching a plasterboard is necessary to give the roof extra strength. If the ceiling is to be clad, tongue and groove cladding needs to be used. The key is to get the battens in the same level and secure them. The best way to successfully batten a ceiling and ensure a smooth finish is to work with a professional like HBS Interior Linings.

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