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Steel Stud Framing In Auckland

Steel Stud Framing Systems are created to meet your design requirements for sturdiness and adaptability. Thus your house must be insulated with sturdy steel stud frames. At HBS interior Lining, we provide the best Steel stud framing services in Auckland.
Our commitment to innovation and promise of first-rate service sets us apart from the competition. Our team provides the best engineering services to guarantee the optimal system for installations in diverse regions.

We invest countless hours in your structure’s integrity to ensure that your residence or place of business satisfies all bracing and frame specifications for strong winds, high altitudes, rainstorms, earthquakes, and snow loads.

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Design, Manufacture and Installation Process

Steel stud frames are primarily used to create partitions and ceilings, providing multiple benefits like cost-saving, easy installation and maintenance, and energy savings. Steel studs are easier to handle, leaving less scrap.

At HBS Interior Linings, we are committed to delivering quality and 100% customer satisfaction. While we ensure the highest quality material, the manufacturing process is also done keeping the standards high. Steel studs are cut to fit the room so as to maintain structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
At HBS Interior Linings, we design the steel studs as per the specifications of the building, considering the state regulations stated for construction. As we design and manufacture them in-house, we ensure that the quality of stud frames are of superior quality.

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Benefits of Steel Stud Framing

Today’s building materials have a wide range of framing options. To mention a few, timber framing, wood stud framing, and steel stud framing. However, steel stud frames have been widely employed in construction in recent years, and there are several benefits to continuing to utilize this type of building material.

  • Contrary to wood, steel frame is resistant to rotting and abrasion. Steel stud frames won’t deform over time and will stay upright and in their original shape. Even if water can enter the walls, the framing will remain sturdy and accurate.
  • Steel is harmless. Hence steel stud framing is fireproof. If a fire starts again in the future, this may assist in minimizing the damage.
  • While the cost of other frames frequently fluctuates, the price of steel framing is typically relatively steady. This is beneficial because pricing stability is crucial when developing a large project.
  • Furthermore, in comparison to other materials, steel frame is simpler to install and operate with. This is because metal is lighter than wood, making it easier for framers to handle and move.

Given its benefits, it is understandable why steel frame is utilized and seen so frequently. If you are looking for steel stud framing services, HBS Interior Lining is an excellent choice for your upcoming construction project.

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When it comes to steel framing, surely a service like that needs a lot of raw materials in order to ensure that the process kickstarts in a smooth and thorough manner. Hence, to save you the trouble of having to search your way through from shop to shop, we at HBS Interior Linings have all of your needs provided to you under one roof. Not to mention the fact that it will save you a great deal of time and money as well.

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