Plasterboard Supply Auckland

Plasterboard Supplier in Auckland

Being one of the most experienced suppliers around, we are truly proud to say that this service in particular mainly covers every aspect of on-site planning along with the provision of a variety of vehicles as well as extra labourer services.

Since the emphasis is primarily on a precise board installation, we know better than anyone else out there just how important and vital it is to make sure that there are no stopping joints or unnecessary wastage to be dealt with later on. It is for this reason primarily that we will include an onsite board measure as well.

GIB and Plaster Boards Fixing Auckland

Plaster Board Fixing

Plasterboard fixing requires a lot of skill and fine workmanship to deliver exceptional quality results. When fixed correctly, it can lead to stunning results and can elevate the entire look of the room. But how do you ensure it gets done the right way the very first time?

Since we at HBS Interior Linings have impeccable standards with regard to professionalism and experience, our team of experts will make sure of the fact that you will get the best plasterboard fixing job in the market out there.

A poor plasterboard fixing job is highly dangerous as it can physically harm the occupants of the room in case of any damages. Which is why it is crucial to work with experts like the team at HBS for such a specialist task. At the same time, we ensure you get a value-for-money deal.

Since the twin aspects of efficiency and high quality reflect in our work at every angle, you can be sure of the fact that we offer the best competitive market rates for a large variety of projects out there. Despite the most affordable pricing, we do not compromise on the level of work being delivered.

So wait no more, get in touch with us today to get a professional and hassle-free plasterboard fixing job done.

GIB Fixers Auckland

When it comes down to finding a service for some of the more detailed and intricate inner household chores and services, things can become a straight up nightmare for those who have no idea where to even start. Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, that is for sure.

Working with unskilled fixers can turn out to be a waste of time and efforts, not to mention the amount you will have to spend to get it redone. HBS Interior Linings has a team of some of the most accomplished and skilled artisans who have the required expertise to provide you top-notch results even in the most minor tasks.

With our service, not only will you have full access to some of the most top-of-the-line gib fixers in Auckland who specialise in the best gib fixing in Auckland, but they even produce fire rating and plasterboard bracing services.

GIB Installers Auckland

Need a GIB expert? We are here for you.

At HBS Interior Linings, our team includes experienced GIB installers who are proficient in providing a premium finish. Whether it is a plasterboard fixing job for your new home right from scratch or just a minor repair, we guarantee a fuss-free experience.

When GIB installers stick to the quality standards, they can ensure a flawless finish and durable results. This is only possible if you have the expertise to understand what kind of installation will work for a given room. But finding someone with that level of expertise in Auckland is not an easy task.

Since it is quite hard to find trusted services that know what they are doing when it comes to GIB installation, just get in touch with us today. For the most well-trained gib installers in Auckland, all it takes is a single call from your side and we will arrange everything for you at the very earliest.


The best plasterboard fixing is the one that is the strongest and compatible with all kinds of materials. There are a variety of plasterboard fixings available in the market. Depending on the way of application, the results can turn out to be extremely good or poor.

Fixing a plasterboard becomes easy with the help of right tools and equipment. The first step is to measure the walls in order to mark the plasterboard and cut it, if required. Start adjusting the plasterboard to position it against the wall and screw it in place. Make sure to secure the edges well for a smooth finish.

The term used for the installation of GIB and plasterboard on a ceiling or wall is called GIB fixing. A GIB fixer is a professional who is hired for this installation. In addition to this, they can fix up any damages, dents or holes in your ceilings and walls to give it a smooth finish.

To screw into the GIB, you need to drill a hole of the exact size into the plasterboard. Then use a universal plug and push it into the GIB to carefully insert it. Tighten the screw for ensuring it is properly fixed. Although this process is very easy, doing it yourself can cause damages to the GIB and the plasterboard. It is best to work with a professional GIB fixer to achieve clear results.

GIB Stopper and Plasterboard Stopper Auckland

GIB Stopper & Plasterboard Stopping

Here’s the thing most people are unaware of – every aspect of interior plastering, in general, is extremely tricky to get right and one requires quality workmanship and extensive experience to ensure that every single task is done to full completion and all minor imperfections are dealt with. There can be no two ways about that fact, whatsoever. A tiny slip can result in a huge mistake. This is exactly where we at HBS Interior Linings come in to put all your doubts and fears to rest.

We are highly skilled and deliver excellent services that fit well into the client’s budget. We are the best home interiors team in Auckland to provide the best painting, plasterboard, and GIB stopping services in the city.

Contact us today for renovation and home interior purposes.

GIB Stopping Supplies Auckland

Being one of the most renowned services out there, we work closely to ensure that we have an array of unique services to offer, unlike a lot of our peers in the market. Be it gib stopping, gib fixing, painting, and plastering, or any other related services in Auckland, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we have it all. Plus, our team members are highly skilled licensed plasterers with extensive experience, they take great pains to ensure that all your needs are met in a friendly and professional manner.

We work to achieve superior finish for your whole house with our quality service and experience in the industry.

Here are some of the main services that we have to offer: –

  • Patching and skimming
  • Square stop details
  • Villaboard services
  • Arch bead details as well as negative, slimline, and expansion joints.

Contact us to avail of our services, we will be highly pleased!

Auckland-Based GIB Stopping Services

Any house renovation service requires precision and patience as hurried work will be highly detrimental in long term. So, if you are looking for home interior experts for your residential or commercial property, we are right here for you.
We at HBS Interiors are experts in GIB Stopping Services in Auckland and work closely to seal all minor imperfections that are left after the GIB Plasterboard has been installed like concealment of joints and screws. We make sure that your property receives an excellent long-lasting finish. We ensure that all our clients’ needs are met and they are satisfied and happy with the quality of our work. Furthermore, we aim to seamlessly fuse our services with the client’s budget.
Our staff is well equipped with quality workmanship and extensive experience to ensure exceptional service delivery. Our Adhesive, FibreFuse Tape, Oils, and all other materials are of premium quality, after all a smooth finish requires premium materials, meticulous service, and outstanding skills. If you are not satisfied with our first go (well, it’s a rare occurrence) then we will surely get the job done again.
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Why Choose us for GIB Stopping?

If you are hunting for the best GIB Stopping service provider in Auckland, well we are right here. With HBS Interiors, you can get that outstanding look you ever desired for your home, office, or any property in Auckland. Choose us to get a smooth surface for your property with our GIB stopping, painting, plastering, and other similar services.
It is always recommended to leave the GIB stopping and plastering services in the hands of professionals. Read more to understand why we are the best GIB stopping service professionals here in Auckland-
-At HBS Interiors, we have a team full of licensed plasterers who are experts in their job and will help you in achieving the perfection you are looking for.
-We offer excellent customer service as we are client-focused and always deliver high-quality results according to their expectations and requirements.
-Our goal is always result-oriented. We strive to ensure our service quality is excellent and we achieve the result in the minimum time possible. We have competence, consistency, and excellence as our main strengths.
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House Painter Auckland

Interior House Painter Auckland

A lot of people have the misconception that painting is a relatively straightforward service whereas nothing could be further from the truth. Painting requires great attention to detail to produce a flawless finish and compliance with safety measures to prevent any mishaps. A house painter needs to have aesthetic sense as well as practical knowledge to bring about the desired look through the paint.

At HBS Interior Linings, you will get a valuable insight into how involved it is as a process and how we make sure that every single step is taken care of at every step of the way. Plus, we take great pride in the fact that our team consists of some of the most patient, well-trained and professional individuals who will go through every single step with you in great detail.

When it comes to the aspect of painting, there are a great many factors that one needs to keep in mind, but most of all, it is the fact that a great deal of planning needs to be done beforehand. For instance, there are tons of tools that are required to ensure consistency in paint based on the size of the room.

Especially for larger spaces, house painters need to adjust to the height of the room while bearing in mind the safety standards. Our house painters in Auckland are reliable, experienced and can be trusted to accomplish their work without creating a mess.

With extremely affordable rates and a dedicated team, it is no wonder that our services in particular are sought after by everyone out there. In fact, we pick everything with the objective in mind that you get exactly what you want in your desired budget. At the same time, we ensure that the quality of work is not compromised in the process.

How You Can Achieve Superior Painting Results For Your Home?

The key to achieve a successful result is the initial surface prep. With a surface preparation, it is almost impossible to get a smooth and splendid makeover to your walls. There is a lot that goes into preparing your walls, and our team is adept at it. By removing all stains and leftover paint, we ensure that it is ready for better paint adherence.

Apart from this, a house painter needs detailed knowledge about all the various kinds of painting materials and how to select the right one that stands true to your vision. It is important to understand the best options for a certain look, and how to apply the paint to achieve that look. This requires experience in mixing colors.

At HBS Interior Linings, our team of house painters is not just skilled in providing superior painting results, but also ensures the paint is durable by coating it well. This gives you the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about getting a fresh coat of paint every other year.

Why Hire HBS Interior Linings for Interior & House Painting in Auckland?

HBS Linings has been a reliable home renovation company in Auckland for a long time. We have helped countless families over the years and have kept developing our service. Our aim is to be regarded as one of the best companies for Home & Interior Painting in Auckland for the years to come.

As a company, we put in great amount of importance to our clients and always love to embrace their ideas. This has encouraged us to explore different painting techniques that can create magnificent results. Not just that, we also never shy away from learning about the latest trends to ensure our clients always get what;s in vogue.

Also, when you work with HBS Linings, you never need to worry about deadlines. We consider our deadlines sacred and always try to meet them no matter what. We can assure quality services especially because of our team of experts. With an eye for detail and years of experience, there is no task that can be a tough task for them. From giving your house’s walls a new look to periodic house painting in Auckland.

We understand that getting your house painter, or repainted, may seem like an overwhelming task. You can rely on us to liven up your house in the fastest and cleanest way. So, for any kind of Home & Interior Painting in Auckland, HBS Interior Linings is here to help. Reach out to us for details and we’ll guide you through the entire process. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.


The cost of painting changes depending on the location and the kind of look you want to achieve. The price a painter charges to paint your house can also vary based on their experience and the specific style/design. But in most cases, it costs anywhere between $1 to $6 dollars per square foot to hire a painter to paint a room.

House painters are responsible for prepping the walls for paint and applying paint. Their job is to cover and protect a surface with the help of not just paint, but also other coatings. Moreover they cover any existing defects in a pre-painted surface and remove stains as well.

Villaboard Supply Auckland

Villaboard Supply

For all those of you who are unaware of the fact, villaboard supply is not easy to get your hands on, plus the service itself demands quality of an exceptionally high level. There are no two ways about that, whatsoever. On that note, one needs to make sure of the fact that they employ a service who has an exceptional amount of knowledge as well as practice in the field of installation. We at HBS Interior Linings fit the bill perfectly in this regard.

Just so you know, we are one of the few services that deal with both supply and installation covering and discussing every aspect with you in great detail. Above all, we understand just how much you love and value your home space, which is exactly why we make sure that an adequate amount of time is spent in talking you through every little detail.

GIB Installers Auckland

GIB Cove

GIB-Cove is used at the ceiling to wall connection to provide an attractive curved or stepped look, while at the same time, reduces the likelihood of cracks appearing where the two surfaces meet.

GIB Installers Services in Auckland

It also provides an attractive finish that is easily painted.

GIB-Cove® offers you flexibility and design choice with a range of quality cove profiles to suit your own personal style.

Rondo® Ceiling Battens Auckland

Rondo Ceiling Battens In Auckland

Battens are widely utilized in a variety of places, including ceilings. The following list of five factors will help you decide whether or not you need Rondo ceiling battens in Auckland:

  • Stops the plasterboard that is directly attached to the timber from collapsing.
  • permits the ceilings to be visible even if the timber is not
  • much less vulnerable to timber diminution,
  • minimizes the effect of noise on upper floors,
  • and reduces the need for active maintenance, which reduces costs and saves time.

Whether it be to fill spaces between the roof structure and joists or use battens as a structural and aesthetic component, we at HBS Interior Lining offer the best Rondo Ceiling Battens in Auckland. Get in touch with us right away for the best ceiling battens.

Ceiling Batten Installation Process

Ceiling battens are primarily used as a structural component that adds to the aesthetics and fills the blanks between the roof spaces and joists. Correct installation is important to ensure its sturdiness which requires the skills, knowledge and years of experience that we at HSB Interior Linings offer.

The installation process can mainly be divided into three categories:

Direct Fix

The battens are fixed directly to the truss chord. If there is a variation in the truss height, we use batten hangers to provide better support.

Channel & Clips

This method is used where the ceiling framing levels are uneven. Based on the different building structures and requirements, the battens are fixed with the help of clips and channels. Primarily, this method is used in buildings where the floor above is expected to have higher noise levels by using noise control clips.

Strongback Systems

Such an installation process facilitates the accommodation for installing ducts and vents by creating larger voids. This installation process is also practical when the substrate is unsuitable for fixing the battens.

At HSB Interior Linings, we provide the best-fitting battens by cutting them to the length specific to every room. We ensure that there is no waste of the building material so that you get the best value for your money. Our services are prompt and reliable.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your upcoming construction project!

Ceiling Battens Auckland

Being one of the few niche household services out there, this service in particular is on the priority list of most homeowners who strive to achieve and go for a perfect and sublime wall finish or flush ceiling. It is the best way for increasing the durability of the plasterboard and preventing any cracks.

Being one of the most versatile bracketing systems out there, the true mark of a professional service is having a wide range of rondo battens. In this regard, we at HBS Interior Linings are truly one of the most sought-after services in the market out there. We are dedicated to providing you with better looking ceilings that will stand the test of time.

With our list of services, one can opt for various spacing options that will fit with relative ease as well as kick up the classy quotient in your home by a couple of notches. Apart from elevating the aesthetic appeal of the room, ceiling battens also helps in soundproofing your home, which is especially helpful during tough weather conditions.

Benefits of Using Ceiling Battens

The aim of using ceiling battens is to provide an aesthetically pleasing ceiling and structural support. At HBS Interior Linings, we provide lightweight battens that aid in superior plasterboard installation. Based on the material of the batten type, these can be used to reap multiple benefits. Some of them are:

    Start by marking the ceiling height on the wall and install the wall track around the perimeter. Next step is to secure the hanger brackets in a grid pattern. Using clips, the suspension rods need to be attached to the hanger brackets. Once the Rondo ceilings battens are clipped they need to be joined to each other for extra stability. It's now ready to have the plasterboard installed. Since this is a very technical process, it is best to work with experts.

    Timber ceiling battens are installed to provide uniformity to the roof and give more durability to the structure. They are typically of the size 38X25mm for 450mm joist spans. For a thicker visual appearance, you can opt for larger widths.

    It is recommended to install the ceiling battens anywhere between 25cm and 45cm apart based on the size of the ceiling. When you fix the ceiling battens, they need to be as close to 40cm apart to ensure the end of a plasterboard falls right in the midst of a batten. This makes it easy for the next plasterboard to share the same batten.

    Battening a ceiling and attaching a plasterboard is necessary to give the roof extra strength. If the ceiling is to be clad, tongue and groove cladding needs to be used. The key is to get the battens in the same level and secure them. The best way to successfully batten a ceiling and ensure a smooth finish is to work with a professional like HBS Interior Linings.