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While there were times when floorings were a centre of attraction in a property, ceilings have now found their place to bring charm. As much as you focus on floorings, there is a need for beautiful ceilings for luxurious interiors. The one thing before ceiling decoration is their placement and smoothness. HBS Interior Linings brings you a range of Rondo® Ceiling Battens in Hamilton that ensures flush and smooth ceilings. Available in various length, width and thickness; rondo ceiling battens come with clippings which result in flat level ceiling irrespective of uneven timber patterns.

This is one of the most sought-after services from HBS Interiors Linings that is highly preferred by NZ households. Our professionals understand the Kiwi weather, know the NZ architectural style and thus select the best Rondo ceiling battens for your new build or renovation project. These battens won’t wear down with the effect of temperature and ensure the structural integrity of the building, so there is nothing to worry about.

Rondo ceiling battens supplied by us require little or no maintenance and keep your structure durable. So, ensure the safety and security of your building while maintaining the aesthetics and durability. Connect with our experts now.

Ceiling Battens Hamilton

HBS Interior Linings is always known to bring the best aesthetics in a property without disturbing the functionality. And, the credit goes to our in-depth structural knowledge and years of work experience. Serving Auckland homes and properties for years, we have come across several technologies and products that support the structure together while maintaining the look and feel. One such product is Rondo ceiling battens. Available in various sizes, shapes and materials; we have access to a variety of ceiling Battens in Hamilton that offers the desired purpose.

Our ceiling battens prevent cracks in plasterboards, reduce noise between ceiling and flooring in a multi-storey building and ensure high-level of finish. These battens are perfect to create flat, even ceilings. Added to that, these are highly cost-effective and maintain their strength in the long run.

Whatever structure type you have, we bring you the best ceiling battens in Hamilton that offer multi-purpose benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your requirements with experts and ensure a well functioning, fabulous home. Call now for a free quote!

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